Monday, June 6, 2011

Select 1977 RECORDS reissues, 2000-2010

1977-S073 radio city/love and a picture 7"

1977-S072 the retreads/would you listen girl 7"

1977-S069 perfectors/YT502951D 7"

1977-S068 the meanies/waiting for you 7"

1977-S063 tits/daddy is my pusher 7"

1977-S061 the moderns/ready for the 80's 7"

1977-S060 the moderns/the year of today 7"

1977-S057 the riptides/tomorrows tears 7"

1977-S056 the numbers/sunset strip 7"

1977-S054 excel/if it rains 7"

1977-S047 the kicks/Get off the telephone 7"

1977-S045 incredible kidda band/Everybody knows 7"

1977-S042 pointed sticks/out of luck 7"

1977-S040 the stiffs/goodbye my love 7"

1977-S039 the stiffs/volume control 7"

1977-S038 merton parkas/flat 19 7"

1977-S037 the freshies/if you really love me 7"

1977-S036 the freshies/fasten your seatbelt 7"

1977-S035 the freshies/dancin' doctor 7"

1977-S034 the freshies/I can't get bouncing babies 7"

1977-S033 the freshies/wrap up the rockets 7"

1977-S032 the freshies/I'm in love with the girl ... 7"

1977-S031 the freshies/no money 7"

1977-S030 the letters/nobody loves me 7"

1977-S029 the circles/circle 7"

1977-S028 thr circles/opening up 7"

1977-S027 private dicks/she said go 7"

1977-S026 the x-certs/queen and country 7"

1977-S025 stingrays/Countdown 7"

1977-S024 the fans/you don't live here any more 7"

1977-S023 the fans/givin' me that look 7"

1977-S022 various artists/the original mixed-up kids 7"

1977-S021 backseat romeos/in the night 7"

1977-S020 btp folders/radio 7"

1977-S019 richard and the taxmen/Now we're through 7"

1977-S016 long tall shorty/by your love 7"

1977-S015 the carpettes/small wonder? 7"

1977-S014 the carpettes/how about me and you 7"

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